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As a Service Oriented Architecture the COMPLETE SCADA Service can connect data from SCADA Servers, SCADA Clients, Visual Studio

Applications, Microsoft Excel, and databases. Use your LAN or Internet for easy remote connectivity. All components are 100% managed.

Plug into the power of the first smart client SCADA solution! Complete SCADA Share data with OPC Servers, OPC Clients, .NET applications, SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and mySQL using your LAN, WAN, and the Internet. Create HMI applications using Visual Studio or Expression Blend with no programming required for WinForm, Web, and WPF solutions.

Complete SCADA/DCS Solution

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Shoplogix is the leading developer of manufacturing performance management solutions designed to enable manufacturers to reduce operating costs, increase manufacturing profitability and drive rapid time to value. Shoplogix patented Plantnode® solution is the market’s only integrated technology solution, combining the power of software analytics with the strength and stability of embedded technology.

Mainsaver provides end-to-end CMMS solutions within an integrated Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) framework. Our Computerized Maintenance Management System were develop from the reality that maintenance processes and MRO inventory management are directly linked to the revenue.

eLogger Electronic Logbook software replaces paper log books and disconnected systems – collecting, storing, and distributing real-time data about your operations to those who need to know. Millions of entries have been made by thousands of users in facilities worldwide. Electronic logbook software solution contributes to the safety, compliance, efficiency, and best-business practices of the biggest names in dozens of industries.


eConstruction Management
Successful contractors have a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget. Contractors who invest in information technology are executing projects more efficiently, delivering a higher quality product, and improving employee satisfaction.

eDocument Controller
Every company has document records, whether it is paper based or electronic files, we can help you organize, secure and manage these documents. Document Management system enables companies to manage their documents such as tenders, designs, proposals, manuals, reports, correspondence etc in a soft copy format which can later be used to search any type of stored documents.