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Send and receive fax messages like regular Microsoft® Outlook® letters.

Fax4Office is a personal fax-integrating program that creates facsimile messages from documents and pictures, sends, receives and manages them, adding cover pages, directly from Windows, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office programs. You can send any Word, Excel or Webpage document directly from Internet Explorer or Microsoft Outlook, without previously printing it. All your sent and received faxes will be stored in Microsoft Outlook and open, reply or forward them to other fax and e-mail recipients like regular e-mail.


·         Create and send faxes directly from any Microsoft Office documents and web pages (Internet Explorer), without printing.

·         Create and send faxes from any document or picture, from any location.

·         Send faxes to multiple recipients.

·         Windows Service pack 2 (SP2) and Microsoft Office 2003 compatible

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·         Functionality: fax-integrating program based on Microsoft Fax Console and Microsoft Office 2000/2002/XP/2003/2007 (Windows 2000 Fax/Print Services, Windows XP Fax Services, Windows Vista).

·         Send, receive and manage fax messages as easily as e-mail from your MS Outlook or your PC Desktop using your PC modem or any internet connection (eFax Service required).

·         Use your regular phone line or internet eFax Service or Fax4Team Server

·         Easy to use and manage, special skills are not required

·         Receive fax messages in MS Outlook or MS Fax Console "Inbox folder

·         Open, reply or forward fax documents to other fax or e-mail recipients like regular e-mail using your MS Outlook address book



·         Create and send facsimile messages directly from documents and pictures from Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Internet Explorer, MS Word, Excel and other popular programs

·         Send fax messages to multiple recipients simultaneously

·         Use multiply attachments

·         Easily create custom cover pages to your facsimile messages. Cover page templates are included for your convenience

·         All sent faxes are stored in the MS Outlook and MS Fax Console Sent Items folder and marked as Fax.

·         Store and manage (view, copy, move to other folders, Rules, Reply, Forward to other fax or email, etc.) your facsimile messages in Microsoft Outlook folders like regular email

·         Preview in Preview Pane available for regular faxing using MS Fax, in eFax and Fax4Team mode Preview in Preview Pane available only for sanded messages;

·         'Send Now' feature will allow you to simply load a document, type a fax number and click the 'Send Now' button.

·         Additional Regular Fax Machine desktop interface for easy faxing

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